Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety Therapy in Erie, PA

Solutions Et Al Inc. also provides anxiety therapy services. Anxiety is a root cause of many mental health conditions, from panic attacks to post traumatic stress disorder. Stress, social anxiety, and feeling "off" are all effects commonly reported by patients who experience consistent high anxiety levels. All people will occasionally face some level of anxiety, but frequent and recurring feelings of dread may be signs of a serious issue. When not caused directly by stressful events, anxiety can be overwhelming. Are you ready to start feeling like yourself again? Contact Solutions Et Al Inc. to learn more about anxiety therapy options in Erie, PA.

Anxiety Therapy Erie, PA

Anxiety Therapy Treatments

Q: How is anxiety treated?
A:Research has shown therapy to be the effective way to fight anxiety. Whereas medication (a commonly prescribed solution) treats only the symptoms of anxiety, therapy addresses its root causes. Therapy can help you learn to relax, discover the basis of your fears and worries, and give you a new perspective from which to approach your thoughts. Though there are two most common types of anxiety therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy, treatments should be tailored to a patient's specific concerns due to the highly variable nature of anxiety disorders.

Some often recommended methods of naturally reducing anxiety without formal therapy include exercise, getting outdoors, meditation, intercourse, yoga, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, journaling, and quality sleep.
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