Depression Therapy in Erie, PA 

Q: What is depression?
A: Depression affects millions of people worldwide. It makes the completion of normal, daily tasks difficult and can rob individuals of their joy of living. Depression goes beyond sadness. It is profound sadness that lasts longer than a few weeks. An individual suffering from depression may have trouble sleeping, or may sleep too much. Most depressed people find it difficult to complete tasks required of them either at work, school, or home. They may lose their appetite, or overeat in an attempt to comfort themselves.

Q: What are the symptoms of depression?
A: Some of the symptoms of depression include having trouble sleeping, or else sleeping too much. People who are depressed often have low motivation, finding it difficult to complete tasks required of them either at work, school, or home. Other symptoms include overeating or loss of appetite.

Depression Therapy Treatments

Q: How is depression treated?
A: Sometimes counseling alone is used as depression therapy, and sometimes medication alone is used to treat depression. At other times, a combination of the two is most effective. Because we are not physicians, we do not prescribe medication, but we work closely with primary care physicians and psychiatrists to coordinate an individual's care.

When you work with your therapist on your goals, you will develop the ability to cope with sadness and mood changes, and you will develop alternative coping skills to deal with your life stresses. We will refer you for medical intervention as needed.
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